Alpacaville is a ninety six acre property nestled within the high peaks region of Central Maine in the beautiful town of Phillips.   The alpacas have bountiful views of both Saddleback Mountain and Mount Abrams, the chickens and guinea hens graze freely amongst them. Jeff and Maureen are creating a farm to suit their young family and simple way of life.   Having the alpacas trounce around in their mountain pasture and make their calming hum noises transports one to a different time and place that may be quite foreign from our normally busy hectic days.


Jeff is an artist who grew up in Massachusetts, the son of an architect and interior designer. His love of animals has expanded into the paintings he creates of them. Be sure to visit his website to experience the brilliant and dazzling colors that make his style unique and exciting.


Maureen grew up in the city of Nairobi, Kenya and her family had several properties in the countryside where chickens, goats, and sheep were abundant. Her day job is that of registered nurse, but she enjoys spending time with the alpacas, goats, rabbits, ducks and chickens here at Alpacaville.


If you live close by, please come for a visit and if you would like to spend time at Alpacaville please reserve your stay using (type in Phillips, Maine)