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Our nine acre property is nestled within a pine forest and comes to a point at a Pond called Indian Head. It is the place where I (Jeff) grew up and strangely we never had animals other than dogs and cats. Maureen grew up in the city of Nairobi, Kenya but her family had several properties in the countryside where chickens, goats, and sheep were abundant. As we came to realize we would be spending more time at the Pembroke property, having farm animals seemed a natural fit for us and our young family.

What a wonderful experience for the kids to grow up raising farm animals and for us to create a path to self sufficiency. Our first thoughts were to bring chickens and goats to the property, until one day I flipped through a magazine called “Grit.” There I found a glossy advertisement for Alpacas. Immediately I switched media, stumbling into the pages of the “world wide web” to find out more about these curious long necked teddy bears. Within a week the family made a trip to a farm of 140 alpacas in Millis, MA and we were hooked.

I started the process of clearing some of the underbrush of our pine forest and building a small barn. During that time our babysitter gave us our first chickens that she and her classmates hatched as a school project. Our first “farm fresh egg” came in October 2011.

In April of 2012 our first alpacas, Monica, Ella, Tasha and Aqua Fina arrived to their new home in Pembroke. We also added some guinea hens which help keep the tick population down and for added color we have two peacocks, Mork and Mindy. Our hope is to slowly grow our farm in a direction that will suit our family and our simple way of life. Having the alpacas trounce around through the pine trees and make their calming hum noises transports us to a different time and place that seems quite foreign from our normally busy hectic days.